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My side the key hole

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22 August
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i am in a word eclectic, i enjoy all mostly everything so long as it is some extreme or the other ... i write extensively about life the universe everything, using poetry, short stories and rants to convey my feelings to an uncaring world, semi-reclusive by nature i love to spend time alone at home with no one around except me, this however does have its drawbacks .. i adore trying new things and learning .. text books are great but with out anything to apply that to what good is it all ??, computers have been a large part of my life for a bit too long and in computers i have learned to program in c, c++, c#, vb, b, php and java, my my am i talented? i play piano and guitar and i have a passing fascination for bass though no real practical experience .. i'm a current an employee of a small local industrial corporation as a software engineer, eventually i want to continue my studies as a student to achieve great my ambitious goals of a Philosophers Doctorate in Particle and Quantum Physics or maybe i'll settle for a bacholers in English, my first major on the other side of the spectrum ...

the most beautiful piece of music called stones

i have a deep fascination with culture and people, and how they all interact as well, how culture affects our behavior is truly interesting, of particular interest is japanese culture if only for the lack of exposure to it in my early education ...

i am an avid gamer of all type, i have been playing d&d since about '93 and have run quite a few campaigns, i also have some passing experience with the world or darkness. i adore roleplaying games on the computer and consoles, the first i played was dragon warrior back in 85 or 86 and i was hooked from there, i played all of the dragon warriors that were released in the states along with quite a few of the final fantasy games and hordes of others, of my favorites is the Ultima series, very few worlds get as in depth as they did, and i was quite surprised by Morrowind and later enjoyed Oblivion, i was blown away with what they had done with the game and what could be done with it. also i like strategy games, playing warcraft when it was first released and all the other blizzard titles since then, i also enjoy good games of chess, go and games like Empire Earth as well. i used to play text based MUD's such as Federation(i beta tested for this game) and Gemstone III when they were on aol back in the early 90's, after that i played Dark and Shattered Lands for a while until i kinda got a bit sick of it all.

i am currently playing the MMORPG's EVE, World of Warcraft, Pirates of the Burning Sea, you can find me in EVE as Zehnamkae, founder and CEO of Zehnamkae Corp. and in WoW as Zehaeva Undead Warlock on Perenolde Server and as the dread pirate Sioned Zehaeva on morgan server in Potbs.

So far as consoles games go i am currently playing Nothing!!! FF-X, Star Ocean, and Dragon Warrior VII, all of which are captivating and time CONSUMING, take up too much time!!! and between wow eve and work i dont have enough.

i am a voracious reader and have been since before i can remember, some of my favorite books include the Sword of Shannara series by Terry Brooks, the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and the Elenium by David Eddings and the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by the late Douglas Adams, i also love beat poetry and allan poe ...

i love movies, this also goes along with reading so much, we can only live one life but through our abilities of communication we can experience feelings and situations with out actually doing so ...

"Film is Truth, 24 Times a Second"
-Jean-Luc Godard

... my favorite movies include memento, the usual suspects, american beauty, almost famous( "ask me again" ), fight club, la confidential, gladiator, pay it forward, the road to wellville, se7en, bringing out the dead, the story of us, and a myrriad of others ... too many to count and list anywhere ...

i have fallen in love with the game of go. the rules are very simple but the strategy is immense and mind boggling at times. i find it a great challenge and a good mental exercise. if you want to learn about go you can find it at gobase.org. the site can teach you a lot about the game of go and the world surrounding it as well.

which leads me to the proverb if you will "Taigi wa Taigo no Motoi" which translates (roughly) to "Great Doubt is the Beginning of Great Enlightenment." or if you will "If you never question anything, you won't get very far."

if you look in my memories you can find what poetry of my own i have posted as well as a few naughty stories inspired by my own life and those of others feel free to read them and post comments to them

i usually respond to all comments within a few hours if not more often because i spend quite a bit of time at my computer gaming writing chatting and just goofing around so feel free to im me or email me, i am always willing to talk to and meet new people
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